PassportPhoto_20130616_1405James Lane (G)

Political Party: Green Party

Office Seeking: Public Advocate

Current Occupation: Vice President of Client Solutions, 24/7 Media; Founder, Hot Indie Media; Editor-in-Chief, Hot Indie News; Music Director, M3 Radio; Bassist, Black Dawn

Previous Occupation(s): Global Accounts Analyst, Reuters Financial; Staff Accountant, Reuters Health; Billing Coordinator; Partners In Care; Senior Patient Accounts Representative; Visiting Nurse Service of New York

Education: U.S. Army Signal School, Electronics/Communications Technician, High School of Art & Design, Commercial Arts/Graphic Design

Organizational Affiliations: Diversity Committee Member, Green Party of the United States; State Committee Member, Green Party of New York

Prior Public Experience: All my work to improve my community has been as volunteer and not in a paid government position. Issues regarding an adoptees rights to know about their origins, reducing our bloated military budget, a ban on hydrofracking and improving recycling efforts are just a few on my list.

Q: What is the most important issue in the City I would address if elected?

A: Improving the health and social well being of all people regardless of economic status by bringing their voices to the government leaders that have been neglecting us for far too long.

Q: What other important issues would I address if elected?

A: Adoptee Rights, Affordable Housing, Consumer Rights, Ecological Wisdom, Grassroots Democracy, Higher Education, Mass Transit, Nonviolence, Public Health, and Social Justice.

Q: What makes me the best candidate for this office?

A: I’m not a career politician, I’m a lifelong resident of New York City that was born in Flushing, raised in Harlem, matured in Hell’s Kitchen and currently living in Park Slope. I am married with a young child in our city’s public school system. During the past 30 years I have maintained leadership roles in military, corporate and internet technology jobs while doing whatever I could in my free time to help promote a secure, sustainable future. As the Green Party candidate for Public Advocate I pledge to serve as the people’s watchdog over the mayor and city government because I feel having someone from outside the major two party system will be helpful for a true democracy.