VoteJamesLaneI’m not a career politician. I’m a lifelong resident of New York City that was born in Flushing, raised in Harlem, matured in Hell’s Kitchen and currently living in Park Slope. I am married and have a young child in our city’s public school system.

At the age of 23 I lost both of my parents due to health issues related to cancer and diabetes. Then a few months later I found out  that I was adopted by those parents at the age of 2, but due to current laws I was not allowed access to any information regarding my family of origin.

From that moment, my fight for justice through political activism formally began, with the hope that laws such as denying a person’s right to know about their origins will be removed from our society forever.

Over the past 25 years, I have maintained leadership roles in union and corporate jobs, while also volunteering in my free time as an activist to help promote social justice issues.

While serving as an activist, I have seen our city government turn it’s back on our residents by making behind closed door deals that have resulted in reductions of affordable housing, removal of fire houses, and decreased funding to our public schools to name a few with no community interaction. This is unacceptable!

As the Green Party candidate for Public Advocate I pledge to serve as the people’s watchdog over the mayor and the city government because I feel having someone from outside the major two party system will be helpful for a true democracy.


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